New CBEC  Summer Program!

Each day we will investigate the wildlife living here at CBEC!

Find out what is swimming, crawling and flying in your own backyard!

Mini Sessions from 10-11:30 for children ages 6-10 years old (must be accompanied by an adult)

Dates and Topics:

Wildlife days:

All Wildlife classes will begin at the pavilion.

Tuesday August 4th: Insect investigation-We will be learning about our 6 legged friends who fly and crawl. Nets and magnifying glasses will be provided to take a closer look!

Thursday August 6th:Turtle Time-Learn about our MD state reptile: the Diamondback Terrapin. We will also investigate our other native turtles.

Tuesday August 11th:Fish Friends-Bring your water shoes and swim suits! We will be in the bay catching fish and other aquatic creatures.

Thursday August 13th: Birds of Prey- Learn about our amazing raptors up close and personal! We will also get a chance to dissect an owl pellet.

Tuesday August 18th: Horseshoe Crabs- Bring that water gear again! We will be out at the beach investigating the amazing life of a horseshoe crab!

Thursday August 20th: All About Oysters- Come learn about our remarkable oyster and get a chance to sift through a reef and find out what other critters live among our shelled friends.

Tuesday August 25th: Pond Life- Explore our freshwater ponds and discovery who is hopping around in there!

Thursday August 27th: Bugs and Slugs- Come out and enjoy the morning in the forest! We will be flipping logs and learning about the importance of our bugs and slugs.

Seining Days:

Join us for CBEC’s favorite activity– seining! Spend the morning splashing around and identifying our swimming critters. We will provide dip nets and seining nets for everyone to explore our beach and marsh habitat. Bring your water shoes and swimsuits as we will be spending most of our time in the Bay! For seining days we will meet at the beach pavilion!

Tuesday July 28th

Thursday July 30th

Wednesday August 5th

Wednesday August 12th

Wednesday August 19th

Wednesday August 26th


We will provide sanitizers for your use during the class. All spaces and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before the program begins and will not be shared between children during the program. All participant’s temperatures will be checked before the start of the program and we ask that if you or a member of your household is showing signs or symptoms of COVID, please stay home. For a list of signs and symptoms, please check the CDC’s website

We ask that you:

  1. Bring a mask for all participants ages 9+ (during exploration times when distancing is kept, masks can be removed).
  2. Use restrooms before you leave your house! We have two port-a-potties on site for your use.
  3. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and bug spray. We will not be providing these items.
  4. For water based lessons (August 11th and 18th) please have your child wear a swim suit and water shoes. Adults are encouraged to wade in the water as well. Towels and a change of clothes are always a good idea!

*Courses are subject to cancellation based on inclement weather or low enrollment.