Does your company make a monetary donation when you volunteer a certain amount of hours to a non-profit?

As a privately-owned non-profit organization, CBEC welcomes volunteers who are excited to achieve and spread our mission of environmental education and stewardship. If you work for a company that encourages or requires you to volunteer, why not make an impact on your local community by volunteering for CBEC? By volunteering through your workplace, you double your volunteer efforts through actual time spent and the matching monetary contribution your company is willing to give!

Below are some companies policies on workplace giving.

Want your company on this list, too?

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Volunteer Grant Company

Minimum Hours

Volunteer Grant Amount


20 Hours $500 for every 20 hours (Max $2,000)


20 hours $300 for every 20 hours

Outerwall (Coinstar / Redbox)

10 Hours $15 per hour


50 Hours $750 for every 50 hours (Max $1,500)


20 Hours $500 for every 20 hours (Max $1,000)


No Minimum $25 per hour


10 Hours $150 for every 10 hours


10 Hours $15 per hour (Max $900

Time Warner and Subsidiaries

30 Hours $500


16 Hours Either $500 or $1,000 depending on role