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Summer Day Camps at CBEC

Inviting all children back to their natural habitat! We want your kids to join us this summer as we embark on some incredible adventures. Whether it is catching a frog, exploring the trails, mucking through the marsh, or putting our toes in the sand, we are going to make some great memories! The summer is a great time to be on the Bay, to do fun, basic outdoor nature things, whether it’s going to look for tadpoles or using the seine nets to figure out who’s living in the Bay.
During summer camp, we will be exploring the Bay, making friends, and enjoying the outdoors- all while learning about the environment through a “hands-on, feet-wet” approach. Campers will connect to the natural world through art, close encounters with live animals, stories, games, nature treks, and outdoor play. While this summer is bound to be different than year’s in the past, the one constant is that CBEC is committed to creating healthier communities by connecting people to nature through adventure-based learning that contributes to the conservation of the Chesapeake Bay. Explore day camps offered at CBEC!
Register online or contact Ashley Peris at or 443-786-0378.
  • Cost

    Full day                                                                             

    Members: $250 per week

    Non-members: $275 per week

    Half day Nature Tykes: 

    Members: $15o per week

    Non-members: $175 per week

  • Dates and Times

    **2023 Camp Dates

    June 26-30

    Backwoods Explorers – Grades 3-5

    July 10-14

    Builders, Diggers and Crafty Critters – Grades 1-3

    July 31 – August 4

    Wilderness Survival – Grades 4-6

    August 7-11

    We Can Wing It! – Grades 1-3

    August 14-18

    Chickadees – PreK through Kindergarten : 9-12 noon

  • Ages

    Grade based upon upcoming school year 2023-2024

campers going kayaking

2023 Summer Camp Awaits You!

Backwoods Explorers

  • Campers will learn how to read a map and use a compass. Our backwoods explorers this week will build forts, discover what animals live at CBEC by identifying tracks, and learn some outdoor skills during this exciting week! We will take a journey into the lives of Native Americans and early pioneers to discover how they survived every day challenges of the natural world!

Builders, Diggers and Crafty Critters

  • Calling all crafty creatures! Join us this week to learn about beavers, humans and birds all have in common! Hint: We are all builders! Whether your camper likes to build things or in the alternative, destroy things, this week will include lots of both! Campers will build natural shelters, have a dam building competition with their fellow campers, build sand castles, and much more! Campers will express themselves using nature’s bounty.

Wilderness Survival

  • Join us this week to sharpen your wilderness survival skills. Campers will learn what it takes to survive in the backcountry. Campers will build shelters, learn about fire making, making tools, finding wild foods, as well as playing fun outdoor games.

We Can Wing It!

  • Have you ever wondered, Why doesn’t a woodpecker get a concussion? Or, How can a falcon fly so fast? Could a hawk see an ant at the top of a 10 story building? We will answer these questions together this week and many more. Campers will hone their “owl eyes” to find a new feathered friend during this week-long, winged adventure!


  • This week our chickadee campers will use their sense of wonder and peak their curiosity with activities that help them connect to nature all around them. Campers will sneak through the trees, pretend to be in a magical forest, explore birds, insects, plants and animals. We will explore nature through play, games and crafts.

Additional information for registered campers:

Online Camp Registration Access: To log back into your account for any reason such as to check or pay balance due, upload required permission or health forms, or download receipts/tax documentation, follow this link:

Forms: Once you have registered, you will receive an email if there are any additional forms required for your camper.

Important Camp Info: Welcome-Camper-Parents (5)What-to-Bring updated.

Cancellation Policy: If cancelling more than 2 weeks of the start of a camp session, CBEC will offer full credit to be used for another camp session.  If less than 2 weeks before the start of the camp session, you can receive a 50% credit.

Interested in Volunteering with Summer Camp?  We are looking for energetic, responsible counselors ages 16+ to join us.  High school students, college students, parents, grandparents, and community members are all welcome!  More information here.  College interns, please visit: