CBEC Introduces our President of the Board of Trustees

By Carl Tenner

Meet the President of the CBEC Board, Carl J. Tenner, Esquire

CBEC is going to present to you one member of the Board of Trustees each newsletter. We feel it is important for all of our members to know who the people are that are steering the CBEC ship forward on our mission.

I am Carl Tenner, an attorney by trade, practicing in Annapolis, Maryland. I have been a Board member for many years and now am privileged to be its President and Chairman.

Dr. Torrey Brown, then a Board member and former Secretary of Natural Resources, invited me to join the Board.

I think two of the more significant contributions we have made were to expand the Wildfowl Trust’s mission to an environmental center and the creation of the Education building.

We have made substantial inroads in environmental education primarily of our youth as it relates to our cherished Chesapeake Bay, but we must do more; not just in improving our infrastructure, such as rebuilding our pavilion, but in expanding our staff to meet the needs of our mission. The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center would not be functioning without the generosity, leadership and continued support that you all provide year in and year out.

Carl J. Tenner, Esquire, seen here second from the right, stopping in to the CBEC Demonstration Table at the Waterfowl Festival in Easton.