South Meadow Trail

1.0 Mile one way

Start at the visitor center and access this trail from the road that leads to the beach pavilion.  This grass path, with partial shade, is like a secret garden.  Some areas have low overgrowth while others are open to the sky.  A great place for adults to walk and talk – off the beaten path.

  • Once a managed meadow, this area is now in succession — turning into a young forest.  Note the pioneer species – shrubs and grasses (such as switch grass and blue stem), as well as the young sassafras, and sweet gum trees.
  • The path itself can be a little difficult to navigate because there are no signs to designate direction; and ponding can occur during wet times.
  • Look for wildlife – turtles, foxes, deer, or snakes.  If you keep your eyes  open you may see these elusive creatures.
  • In the summer, butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars, and praying mantis are readily seen.
  • Look for sparrows, Cooper’s hawks, and meadow larks.
  • At the far end of the meadow, peer through the trees for a glimpse of Prospect Bay.

 Stroller access will vary based on the season.

Your donations are appreciated and will help us to maintain the trails, which you may use free of charge. You may register for a Guided Hike of the property for a small fee (members may come along without charge).

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Colorful butterfly in the Meadow

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