Marshy Creek Trail   

.4 miles one way

The trailhead for Marshy Creek is located at the far-east end of the parking lot along the tree line. The trail is actually a roadway to the kayak launch at Marshy Creek. Scroll down for photos you can enlarge to help you find your way along the path.

  • Stop by Hummock Loop Trail for a stroll along a shaded, pine needle covered path
  • Plant lovers will find a variety of species in different habitats along the trail – a wet meadow, a woodlot, and a salt marsh.  Look for dragonflies and butterflies
  • Note the observation tower on the north end of the trail where you can view the creek from different vantage points
  • Look for river otters, eagles, osprey, and wading birds hunting the marsh and inlet
  • In summer, Marshy Creek is full of bay grasses that shelter a variety of fish and blue crabs
  • Kayak paddlers of all abilities can enjoy self-guided tours of the creek’s calm waters by renting kayaks from the visitors center
  • In winter, visitors are treated to the spectacle of thousands of migrating waterfowl.   Scaup, ruddy ducks, and canvasbacks use this area as a wintering ground.

Stroller accessible.

No Trail Admission Fees

No admission fees are charged for hiking on your own at CBEC. Your donations are appreciated and will help us to maintain the trails. You may register for a Guided Hike of the property for a small fee (members may come along without charge).

A group learns about life in the marsh

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