CBEC is now pleased to offer environmental education programs for preschools. Crafted in line with Maryland’s Early Childhood Learning Standards, our classes designed for 2-5 year olds will explore various topics of the natural world – from critters to composting – through games, crafts, live animals or artifacts, stories, and most importantly, hands-on participation.

toddlers at CBEC looking through goggles


Wintery WaterfowlCome find out which waterfowl call CBEC home during the winter and how to identify them.

Bones, Tracks, and Scat: Be an animal detective and discover who has been visiting CBEC. Dissect an owl pellet to find out who it’s been eating.

What Is a Plant?: Let’s learn all about plants and make your own wheat grass pet to take home.


The Strange and Amazing Bat: Discover what makes these flying mammals so important to our ecosystem and why their wonderful, not scary.

Tadpoles and Frogs: Do tadpoles turn into frogs, toads, or both? Investigate the incredible life cycle of these amphibian friends and find out.

Wonderful Worms: Learn the ins and outs of composting through vermiculture and build and worm hotel.


Critters of the Bay: Grab your wading shoes and a dip net and investigate who lives in the shallow waters of the Bay.

Turtle Tales: Can turtles come out of their shells? What do they eat? Find out these and more fun reptilian facts.

From Seed to Sprout: Discover all the things a plant needs to grow and sprout your own lima bean plant.


The Itsy Bitsy Spider: What has eight legs and can crawl upside down? Discover how spiders are our friends and go on a spider safari.

Oh, Deer!: Does Rudolph live in Maryland? No, but his cousin the White-tail does. Learn the similarities and differences!

Beautiful, Beneficial Bees: Mason, Honey, Leafcutter. Discover the importance of these buzzy insects for our plants and food supply.

Each two hour class will include: instruction time, craft, story, song, game or movement, and hands-on fun. Cost is $12 per student with a minimum of $150 and a capacity of 30 students per program. To discuss scheduling a program, FIRST please contact Karen Bogue at kbogue@bayrestoration.org or call 410-827-6694. Then, complete and return the Early Childhood Education Program Request Form. A $50 deposit is due to hold your program date. Deposits can be paid online, if you complete the online Program Request form http://bayrestoration.org/product/ecee-program-request, or by check with our downloadable PDF. Important pre-trip information can be found here.