All 2020 Summer Camp sessions have been cancelled. Click here to read the letter from our Camp Director.

Summer Day Camps at CBEC

Picture this: your kids spending the summer in the sun, exploring the Bay, hiking trails, and meeting friends new and old, all while learning about the environment through a “hands-on, feet-wet” approach that makes learning seem more like playing. Sound good? Explore day camps offered at CBEC!
  • Cost

    Full day                                                                             

    Members: $235/session

    Non-members: $260/session

    Half day Nature Tykes: 

    Members: $135/session

    Non-members: $150/session

    Specialty Camps 

    Additional activity fee of $30.

    Before and after-care

    Additional $20/ session.

  • Dates and Times

    June 15 – Aug 28.

    1st-6th grade: 9-3:30pm,

    Nature Tykes 4& 5 year olds: 9-12pm.

    Before & after-care available for 1st-6th grade: 8-9am; 3:30-5pm

  • Ages

    Grade based upon upcoming school year 2020-2021

  • Discounts

    Choose one for $25 off each session –

    Early-bird discount: Apply before February 15 and automatically receive discount

    Family discount: Sign up your siblings and use code “SIBLING”

    Multiple week discount:Sign up for 3 or more sessions and use code “MULTI”

    *Only one discount per camper per session can be applied.

Colorful girl holds turtle
campers going kayaking

2020 Camp Calendar is HERE!

Nature Tykes: Habitat Hunt (4-5 years old)

  • Knock, knock – Who’s there? From pond to bay and everything in between, campers will explore the different habitats of CBEC and find out who lives there. Games, crafts, and hands-on exploration make this half day camp feel like all day fun. Half-day camp from 9-12pm.
  • Session 2A and 2B: Water, Water Everywhere!Entering grades 1-3 AND Entering grades 4-6
    • Jump into summer and make a splash with this water themed session! Get hands-on, feet-wet while catching and investigating Chesapeake critters, studying water chemistry, working to improve water quality, and creating cool water color art. Plus, what water week would be complete without epic water games!
    • Session 1B will kayak during the week.  Parents, be sure to complete the Watercraft Permission form after registering!

Session 3A Nature Tykes: Summer Science

  • Discover your inner scientist as we experiment, investigate, observe and create! From simple chemistry to simple machines, we’ll explore different aspects of science and have fun creating slime, ice cream, and more! Half-day camp from 9-12pm.

June 29-July 3, Session 3B

Mad Science (1st-3rd)

  • Spend the week experimenting at CBEC! We will turn our campers into super scientists as they explore how science and nature are connected.
  • Session 4A and 4B: Incredible Edibles, Entering grades 1-3 and 4-6
    • Find out what’s growing in CBEC’s gardens and get a chance to cook up a new snack each day! Go on a wild edibles hike, learn how to compost, and even make your own natural tie dye.  Campers will learn how to make healthy choices and be a part of making a sustainable, farm to table dish from locally grown foods!
    • Session 4B will be kayaking throughout the week. Parents make sure to fill out the Watercraft Permission form after registering. 

July 13- July 17, Session 4.5 A/B

Around the World (1st-3rd) and (4th-6th)

  • Spend the week traveling without ever leaving CBEC! We will be exploring a new country each day as we sample foods, study languages and learn about new plants and animals. We will investigate pandas, kangaroos, hedgehogs and llamas all in one week! 

Session 5A and 5B: Natural Arts, Entering grades 1-3 and 4-6

  • Draw inspiration from nature as we become better artists and work to create our own natural masterpieces. Bring your creativity and open mind as we delve into new and interesting mediums and work alongside local artists and musicians.
  • Session 5B will kayak during the week.  Parents, be sure to complete the online Watercraft Permission form after registering!

Session 6A and 6B: Amazing Animal Kingdom, Entering grades 1-3 and 4-6

  • Mammals, birds, reptiles Oh My! Each day we will explore a different class of animals and get up close and personal with live critters! Learn how to hoot like an owl and camouflage like a Katydid. At the end of the week your campers will be wildlife experts!
  • Session 6B will kayak during the week.  Parents, be sure to complete the Watercraft Permission form after registering!

Session 7A: Nature Tykes: Wonders of Water (AGES 4-5)

  • Water, water everywhere and nothing but fun to be had! From Bay explorations, water games, and experimenting with water, this camp for our youngest explorers will have little ones ready and raring to get wet.
  • Half-day camp from 9-12pm.

Session 8A and 8B: Eco Investigators, Entering grades 1-3 and 4-6

  • Put your detective skills to the test to discover more about our ecosystems! Spend the week exploring the marsh, forest and meadows of CBEC to find out which critters live among us. Campers will learn how to identify critters and even run their own investigations with fellow campers. At the end of the week we will put their skills to the test with an eco-themed escape room!
  • Session 8B will kayak during the week.  Parents, be sure to complete the online Watercraft Permission form after registering!

Session 9A and 9B: Survival Camp, Entering grades 1-3 and 4-6

  • See how well you can “rough it” out in the woods! We’ll learn survival skills from our wild neighbors, practice navigation, basic first aid, shelter and fire building, knot tying, campfire cooking, and identification of wild edibles.
  • Session 9B will kayak during the week.  Parents, be sure to complete the online Watercraft Permission form after registering!

Additional information for registered campers:

Online Camp Registration Access: To log back into your account for any reason such as to check or pay balance due, upload required permission or health forms, or download receipts/tax documentation, follow this link: https://campsself.active.com/chesapeakebayenvironmentalcenter.

Forms: Once you have registered, you will receive an email if there are any additional forms required for your camper.

Important Camp InfoCamp InformationPick-Up Car SignWhat to Bring to Camp.

Cancellation Policy: If cancelling more than 2 weeks of the start of a camp session, CBEC will offer full credit to be used for another camp session.  If less than 2 weeks before the start of the camp session, you can receive a 50% credit.

Interested in Volunteering with Summer Camp?  We are looking for energetic, responsible counselors ages 16+ to join us.  High school students, college students, parents, grandparents, and community members are all welcome!  More information here.  College interns, please visit: https://bayrestoration.org/college-internships/.