The Great Horned Owl

This is an exciting project to me and when the CBEC’s community members learn about it and participate, I think they will be glued to it!  Finally, we are putting a web cam on a Great Horned Owl’s nest to capture the entire nesting season.  We are devoting a web page to keep track of what’s happening daily.

Great Horned Owls are unique with their nesting cycle as it starts in the winter and extends through May, usually, when the young owlets leave the nest.  It’s interesting in that the female visits the nest a few months prior to the egg-laying, incubates, tends the chicks, leaves them on the nest to their own demise while she’s hunting for them, and is most maternal in her care until they leave the nest.  The young owlets “branch” while she is hunting, that is, they walk out on adjacent branches attached to the nest and test their balance and strength, but return to the nest quickly when ‘food is delivered.’

We will be able to watch all that goes on during the nesting cycle…day and night.  There will be an infrared camera for night viewing, a microphone picking up all sounds, including conversation between adults and young owls and even fox yippings underneath the nest or deer snorts in passing.  The happenings will be streamed on a secure channel by clicking a button on the website.

It’s entertaining to watch the interactions of wildlife.  It’s a learning experience that has a carry-over value for our human-wildlife relationship and helps us appreciate the daily work in the life of a wildlife species.

So, now you know about an upcoming project already in the works.  If you’re looking for something to do at 2:00 am, you will be able to click on the webcam and glimpse the GHO nest happenings.  More to come…. Judy Wink

Great Horned Owl

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