“Conservation Clients”

A one man photographic exhibition featuring the works of Tom Sullivan, a Baltimore photographer and  videographer.  The exhibit will feature high contrast black and white photographs of rare and exotic animals.  The show is designed to challenge the viewer to take more then just a passing glance at the works of art that mother nature has provided us.  The exhibit is sprinkled with bits of humorous poses majestic portraits, and endearing faces, that only can be seen by observing the animals in their daily routines.  The exhibit was conceived in a effort to heighten awareness to the plight of these animals, as they relate to man and the environment.

 Each piece is $100 with 50% of proceeds being donated to CBEC.  

Contact Vicki Paulas for more details:  vpaulas@bayrestoration.org

The Essence of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

With landscapes such as beaches, forests, marshes, lakes, and ponds, artists and photographers can undoubtedly create and capture stunning visual representations of the Chesapeake Watershed.

Along with our landscapes, native wildlife can be seen throughout the year. Wildlife include everything from turtles to migratory birds to small mammals!