Wildlife Wherever You Are!

Eastern Towhee
Red Fox

Each program will be conducted virtually on your preferred platform. Programs include live presentations with a CBEC educator, up close views of wildlife and hands on activities to engage our virtual learners

Choose from the following virtual programs:

Birds of Prey Program- Appropriate for all ages, 40 min- 1 hour, $150 per session

During this program, participants will meet several different species of raptors, and discover the special adaptations of these birds of prey. Through up-close observations and discussions, the participants will learn about the unique visual and auditory adaptations, as well as other features that put these hunters at the pinnacle of the food chain. Special attention will be given to the importance of raptors to an ecosystem, especially the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Finally, participants will conduct a pellet dissection and use identification materials to determine the diet of an owl. Pellets can be mailed to teachers in advance. Teachers will also receive a backyard birdwatching activity as an extension to the birds of prey lesson.

Remarkable Oyster- Appropriate for 3rd grade through adults, 40 min- 1 hour, $150 per session

Discover the amazing filtering ability of this important mollusk and its effects on Chesapeake Bay water quality. Participants will learn about the life cycle of an oyster and the process of restoring the oyster population that many restoration organizations are currently engaged in. Participants will also explore the importance of oyster reefs so vital to the Bay’s biodiversity by learning different reef structures and configurations and the success of these artificial habitats. Finally, participants will examine live reef shell looking for a myriad of inhabiting organisms that live within the Benthic Community.

Backyard Wildlife Watch- Appropriate for all ages, FREE resources

Let your students observe the wildlife in their own back yards. Using premade journal prompts and wildlife ID sheets, your students will collect data on the birds, mammals, insects and other wildlife they see out of their window, in their yard or at a local park. This is a great way for to get your students outside and off of the screen for a moment each day, week or month. To access these resources, click the button below and fill out the form. You will receive a link to the google folder in a confirmation email.

Contact education@bayrestoration.org to secure a date. Then fill out the form below.