Plants and Pollinators Class

August 2 & 3 (must attend both sessions)
9 am to noon

CBEC’s Education Building
600 Discovery Lane
Grasonville, MD

Judy Wink invites you to learn more about 10 common pollinators and 10 native plants that outdoor enthusiasts can encourage in their own backyards.

This class is divided into two parts:  indoor theory, and outdoor observation. The first day will focus on pollinators and their behaviors. The second day will focus on pollination and native plants. We will take time in the field both days to put into practice what we learn in the classroom.

Cost:  $75


    • When a honeybee rests, it folds its tongue in half to rest it too.
    • Honeybees have occupations including undertaker and cheerleader.
    • Two-thirds of our world’s food supply would disappear without pollinators.
    • Flowers’ reproductive parts vary in size based on region.