Maryland Master Naturalist Comes to CBEC!

Maryland is a state of “wonders” with lots to see, do, learn, and enjoy!  The mission of the Maryland Master Naturalist Program is to engage citizens as stewards of Maryland’s natural ecosystems and resources through science-based education and volunteer service in their communities.

CBEC is honored to host the Coastal Plain section of the University of Maryland Extension program this Fall of 2016 with weekly sessions occurring on Wednesday’s from September 21st-December 21st.  The class will also attend an off site field trip to the University of Maryland’s Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, MD on October 21st.  Courtney Leigh, Volunteer/Stewardship Coordinator will facilitate 20 participants to engage in 60 hours of curriculum covering topics on:  Introduction to Maryland Natural History, Flora and Fauna: Identification, Behavior, and Taxonomy, Fundamental Ecological Principles, How Humans Affect the Landscape, The Science of Science, and Teaching and Interpretation.  Graduated Certified Master Naturalists will: become better stewards of the Maryland’s resources, conduct field research, build and maintain natural areas, lead nature walks and programs, encourage others to help preserve and share the state’s environmental wealth!

The graduates of this program will give back 40 hours of volunteer service to CBEC…increasing our capacity to fulfil CBEC’s mission of education and sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay!  For more information contact Courtney Leigh at