Here’s Dolores!

We have a “true island girl” on our board, and we are most appreciative of the service of Dolores Reyna. Dolores hails from Puerto Rico and presently splits her time between Silver Spring and Grasonville. She is married to Jimmie Reyna, a Federal Judge, and has two sons, Justin and Jimmie.

Dolores is retired from a long stint in education as an elementary and middle school teacher, eventually culminating her career as a High School Counselor. Her experience in education suits her well as one of CBEC’s volunteers, always ready to help with the educational component. As a board member of four years, she offers insight into the daily operation, as well as the long-term mission. She is active as a board member in volunteering, seeking funds, serving on committees and promoting CBEC to increase awareness in the organization.

Her outside interests include traveling, quilting, reading and outdoor activities. She is excited about the “newest member” of her family…her 14-year-old granddaughter, recently adopted by her son Justin and his wife, Ingrid. We are sure Dolores will spend time with her enjoying outdoor activities.

As a side note, Dolores is an avid birder, lives within range where she can keep “an eye of CBEC”, and has the other eye (via scope) on an eagle’s nest on CBEC property. She is in tune with nature, and considers CBEC a valuable asset to the community.