Hello CBEC community! I’m Greg Usilton, the new Restoration Coordinator at CBEC. I grew up and still currently live in Chester, Maryland. CBEC has been part of my “neighborhood” my whole life and I look forward to being a part of the community of stewards that care for it. I received my Environmental Studies degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I have always been enamored by the Chesapeake Bay region’s ecosystem and decided my life’s pursuit would be to protect and restore such a unique ecosystem.

Greg Usilton, Restoration Coordinator with newly constructed Reef Balls that will be deployed in Cabin Creek Oyster Reef.

I am very excited to get my boots muddy while I learn CBEC’s property to aid restoration projects that will improve and expand wildlife habitats. As the Restoration Coordinator, I will continue in the footsteps of Vicki Paulas, by communicating with state and federal departments to ensure collaboration of grant-funded best management projects to be installed at CBEC, and by working with CBEC volunteers who want to help with property maintenance.

One of my goals is to increase the acreage of wetlands by introducing new living shorelines on property. I also will be working on increasing oyster reef habitat by installing more reef balls in Cabin Creek. I have already been working hard at aiding our Pollinator Meadow and Non-Tidal Wetland restoration. You may also have noticed the creation of turkey and woodcock habitat. With the increase of projects at CBEC, so will the effort to monitor and research the habitats that have been created. CBEC volunteers will be called upon to aid in these efforts.

Greg Usilton, Restoration Coordinator with Great Horned Owl teaching students about Raptor Adaptations.

It is such an honor to be joining the outstanding CBEC staff. I cannot wait to help increase the outreach of environmental education and conservation to anyone who is interested in learning!