Lake Trail circumnavigates Lake Knapp and offers views of many waterfowl and other birds from multiple vantage points.  Access to Lake Trail can be from the Visitor Center down the shell road towards the Beach Trail. Before reaching Beach Trail there will be a cut-off for White Blind, which allows viewing of many waterfowl in all seasons.  Continuing on past White Blind there is the Pavilion and access to the Beach Boardwalk, which has a viewing platform. The Trail continues around Lake Knapp and connects with Owl Alley over the footbridge.  Another access to the Trail is from the Parking Lot onto Marshy Creek Trail, then  through cut-offs at Pellet Pass or Owl Alley.  Species of birds that are commonly seen are eagles, hawks, herons, ducks of all types and many songbirds.  To see what species you may see during the different seasons, go to the links below.



Birds identified on Lake Trail in the Fall (August through November)

Birds identified on Lake Trail in the Winter (December through February)

Birds identified on Lake Trail in the Spring (March through May)