The GrowDome greenhouse is complete and the Aquaponics system inside will be growing food year round. This environmentally sustainable system is a security trifecta addressing food, water, and energy security.

CBEC now boasts a 42-foot GrowDome with an Aquaponics farming system inside. Aquaponics cultivates plant crops and aquatic life together in a closed-loop, recirculating water environment. This combination of synergistic growing methods of aquaculture and hydroponics results in one of the most prolific and sustainable food production systems in the world.

GrowDome interior: GAHT pipes and fan along with initial aquaponics system. The final aquaponics system designed for the dome space will be completed in April.

Presently, there are 200 tilapia fingerlings at the GrowDome, along with initial plants of strawberries, tomatoes, leaf lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and herbs. Two hundred additional seedlings have sprouted and will be transplanted to the Aquaponics system as soon as construction and testing are complete, expected to be mid April.

Tilapia fingerlings in their home at the GrowDome.

The aquaponics system is the foundation for the “Community Agriculture Initiative for Sustainability” program. With a primary focus on growing and distributing fresh food to local community members in need, the program highlights also include education on building and growing a system, environmental benefits, food nutrition and prep, and career opportunities. Volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of program implementation. To learn more or schedule a tour, contact Julie Carleton at or Courtney Leigh

Watch for the announcement of the ribbon cutting ceremony in May to mark official launch of the GrowDome and CAIFS program.

GrowDome glows purple at night with a string of LED lights hung inside.